Join us in saying there is #NoGoodWay to use the R-word!


Show your friends there’s #NoGoodWay to use the R-Word!

What is the #NoGoodWay Campaign?

The #NoGoodWay Campaign for Special Olympics aims to end the use of the
R-word (retard) in everyday conversation. Special Olympics athletes have voiced how harmful the use of the R-word is to them. We are committed to supporting Special Olympics athletes and those living with an intellectual disability. Join us in this anti-bullying movement to eliminate the use of the R-word through the #NoGoodWay for Special Olympics Campaign.

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Join us in saying there’s
#NoGoodWay to use the R-word!!

On behalf of the more than 36,000 Special Olympics athletes in Canada: Thank You!

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  • I will choose not to use the R-Word in everyday conversation
  • I will educate others about the link between the R-Word and bullying
  • I will show my support using on #NoGoodWay Day, held annually in March

“Retard” is just a word. And most of the time, you’re not using it to hurt anyone. We get it.

But for thousands of Canadians with an intellectual disability, hearing you say “retard” hurts.

It brings back memories of being bullied. It makes them feel like they aren’t welcome. So today we’re asking you to make the choice to stop using the word.

Not because you have to. Because you can.

Use your social media profiles to show your support and raise awareness around the #NoGoodWay message!







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This is how many times the R-Word has been tweeted since the beginning of 2018.
There is #NoGoodWay to use the R-Word.

Why The R-Word?

Regardless of its intended use, the R-word is offensive to Special Olympics athletes. This word invokes memories of bullying, of being demeaned, and of being framed as an outsider not worthy of respect.

motionball, Special Olympics Canada, and the Chiefs of Police have teamed up in asking Canadians to make the choice to eliminate the R-word from their vocabulary and empower them to take the #NoGoodWay Campaign for Special Olympics to their circles of influence.

Why #NoGoodWay?

We want to let people know that even when it is used in a way that seems harmless, benign or even positive, the truth is there is #NoGoodWay to use the R-Word. Our goal with this campaign is to inform and engage without being punitive or threatening. We want to invite change, not force it.

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AIR MILES: LoyaltyOne

The AIR MILES Reward Program, a LoyaltyOne program, is a proud supporter of the #NoGoodWay Campaign. There are almost one million Canadians living with an intellectual disability in Canada and we understand when they hear the R-word being used casually it feels derogatory, offensive and hurtful.

air miles loyalty oneAs a company passionate about supporting the communities that we live and work in, and as a longstanding supporter of motionball, we are excited to join this movement and set a positive example. Together we can inspire others to lose the R-word out of their vocabulary.