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While our focus has been event driven, with 18 annual events and donations exceeding $4.5M to date, we are very excited about our National anti-bullying social awareness campaign that we have launched, the YELLOWCARD Campaign.

The YELLOWCARD campaign aims to end the casual use of the word retard (we’ll call it the R-word from now on) in everyday conversation. For over 850,000 Canadians with an intellectual disability, the use of the R-word invokes memories of being bullied; endless days of being demeaned and countless times being told that they are outsiders not worthy of respect. We need to end it.

A yellow card in soccer is shown to an offending player as a warning – a way of letting you know that you’ve crossed a line, perhaps without even intending to do so. We want to warn users of the R-word and let them know that it is an offensive word and a form of bullying even when it’s used in a way that seems harmless, benign or even positive. The truth is there is no good way to use the R-word. Our goal with YELLOWCARD is to inform and engage without being punitive or threatening. We want to invite change, not force it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 is the official launch of the YELLOWCARD Campaign and our first annual YELLOWCARD Day. Our first year goal is to have 36,000 Canadians take the pledge to become a YELLOWCARD Ambassador, reflecting the number of registered Special Olympics athletes across Canada.

In addition to the social change the campaign hopes to inspire, the YELLOWCARD Campaign’s elite corporate sponsors and private donors have come together to donate $1 to motionball for each supporter who takes the pledge online at starting on October 1st up to 36,000.

All you have to do is visit and take the pledge to eliminate the casual use of the R-word!

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