On March 7, 2018
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There's #NOGOODWAY to use the R-word!

The #NOGOODWAY Campaign for Special Olympics aims to end the use of the R-word (retard) in everyday conversation.

Special Olympics athletes have voiced how harmful the use of the R-word is to them. We are committed to supporting Special Olympics athletes and those living with an intellectual disability.

Join us in this anti-bullying movement to eliminate the use of the R-word through the #NOGOODWAY for Special Olympics Campaign.


Become a #NOGOODWAY Champion

“Retard” is just a word. And most of the time, you’re not using it to hurt anyone. We get it.

But for thousands of Canadians with an intellectual disability, hearing you say “retard” hurts.

It brings back memories of being bullied. It makes them feel like they aren’t welcome.

So today we’re asking you to make the choice to stop using the word. Not because you have to. Because you can.

Click here to visit Facebook.com/NOGOODWAY to join the movement and help end the use of the R-word across Canada!

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