Daniel Wales – support for motionball!

Daniel Wales


To show that impossible is nothing and to raise funds for motionball I have entered an ultramarathon and a powerlifting competition to test myself as I attempt to run a 60km race and deadlift 600lbs in the same calendar year. With the events in September and December I have given myself 6 months to complete both and 3 months of preparation time for each goal, both of which people takes a lifetime of preparation to achieve. Along the way I want to show my nephew and all those with Autism and other Intellectual disabilities that we can do anything we put our mind to and raise money to help kids achieve their sporting dreams.

So much of what I have in life is down to what I have learned in sports. Coaches, teammates and moments you only experience in the heat of a game has put me in situations where I feel prepared for whatever life puts in front of me. I feel very strongly that nobody should ever not experience this so I support motionball in any way I can to help all kids experience sports.

This year it all became more personal as my nephew was diagnosed with Autism. So in an effort to up the level of support and in the process show him that anything is possible for himI set a goal of running a 60km ultra-marathon with 2500m of elevation, and a deadlift of 600lbs (3.5 x my body weight).

I chose this challenge as the two pieces work against each other. The endurance work makes the Deadlift harder and vice versa The reason I want to do this is intellectual disabilities do the same, they make it harder to use your natural gifts and abilities and can leave individuals feeling challenged, trapped and blocked off from being able to do what they want to achieve.

In my mind a challenge is not always in what we can do, but in what we can’t. For some however, the challenge is not chosen but provided for them and it is up to them to overcome the odds to live the life they love. I am hoping that by undertaking my own challenge I can show that even what seems impossible is worth taking on and there is always hope of achieving our goals.

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