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With ongoing reports in the news of the coronavirus, COVID-19, we wanted to update you all on motionball’s position and share information with you that could be useful as you deal with the issue as it relates to the specific motionball event you are involved in.

First and foremost, our concern and intent is to ensure the health and safety of our Event Directors, the YPN & our Committees, attendees, participants, volunteers, staff and our friends, the local Special Olympics athletes.

With this in mind and using the recommendations and guidelines set out for events and mass gatherings in Canada all 20+ motionballU events listed below that were scheduled over the month of March have been postponed or cancelled. For questions regarding the motionballU events listed below, please contact Emma at
– York University 3/14/2020
– Concordia University 3/14/2020
– University of Alberta 3/15/2020
– Saint Mary’s University 3/20/2020
– University of Toronto 3/20/2020
– Simon Fraser University 3/21/2020
– Acadia University 3/26/2020
– University of Regina 3/27/2020
– St. FX University 3/27/2020
– Mount Royal University 3/28/2020
– McGill University 3/28/2020
– University of Calgary 3/28/2020
– Bishop’s University 3/28/2020
– Trinity Western 3/28/2020
– Dalhousie University 3/28/2020
– Thompson Rivers University 3/28/2020
– Windsor University 3/29/2020
– Brock University 3/29/2020
– UPEI 4/3/2020
– University of Saskatchewan 4/4/2020

The 2020 motionball Calgary Gala scheduled for May 1st will now take place September 11th at the Palace Theatre; the 2020 motionball Marathon of Sport Toronto scheduled for May 23rd will now take place October 17th. More information will be sent directly to current ticket holders and registered participants. For questions, please connect with Cassie at

For events taking place at the end of May and over the summer, we are working with our venues to secure Fall dates should we be encouraged to postpone and will keep all participants updated.

For more information about COVID-19 impacts in Canada, you are encouraged to visit the following sites: The Public Health Agency of Canada; Infection Prevention and Control Canada and the WHO.

As a reminder motionball’ers – let’s stay healthy and do our part to flatten the curve and limit the spread of COVID-19 by staying home when possible and following the precautions below when out in public places.
– Wash your hands regularly with soap + water (for a min of 20 seconds) or use hand sanitizer
– Avoid touching your face
– Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or the crease of your elbow
– Practice safe contact by not shaking hands with others and avoiding close contact with people who are sick
– Avoid sharing personal items and clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
– Stay home when you are sick.

If you have any questions about the event you were set to attend or participate in, please connect with your local Event Directors or email

We look forward to bringing together Canada’s young professionals and local Special Olympics athletes for a day of sport and a night of celebration, later this year.

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