"On behalf of Special Olympics Ontario I would like to say what an honor it has been to work with motionball again this year. The dedication to strive for excellence put forth by every individual involved within your organization continues to be a pinnacle example of philanthropy in action. Everyone from the sponsors to the participants and especially the organizers should be extremely proud of the results which transcend the monetary and truly impact the daily lives of so many. You’ve created caring by association, action through experience and passion from fun! There is little I can add but my admiration and respect is genuine and deeply held. Sincerely, Glenn"

Glenn MacDonell, President & CEO of Special Olympics Ontario

"'Giving back to our communities is a cornerstone of our corporate culture at LoyaltyOne, owners and operators of Canada’s AIR MILES Reward Program. And a significant part of that long-standing history is Motionball. For the past 7-years, Motionball has catapulted from a regional non-profit to a national organization. By creating well-managed social and sporting events, LoyaltyOne associates have rallied behind Motionball, saying their events leave them feeling inspired and excited. They love the interaction of playing alongside Special Olympics Athletes and knowing they are helping them achieve their sporting dreams. LoyaltyOne participates in all of Motionball’s annual events, including Motionball Gala, Marathon of Sport, Football Frenzy and Fall Classic Golf Tournament. In addition, LoyaltyOne runs an annual golf tournament with our business partners, raising funds for Motionball. They are a high-energy, flexible organization and we are honoured to be not only the Title sponsor of the motionball Toronto Gala, but also a National Presenting sponsor.' "

Debbie Baxter VP CSR and FM / Chief Sustainability Officer Alliance Data | LoyaltyOne

"My son is 31 years old and severely mentally disabled. He had always been considered an outsider and looked upon by his piers as different and unusual and awkward. This pains me to tell you this but to be honest….the constant rejection from schools and the daily reports of bullying and name-calling was not only affecting him but our family as a whole. We were all at our whits end until 3 years ago when we were introduced to Special Olympics. Paul – this past Saturday at your motionball Marathon of Sport event a light came on in my head which had clearly been burnt out for years. It was during your opening ceremonies when you had all the team captains join you on the main stage and one by one each of the Special Olympic Athletes were introduced to their respective teams and to the entire audience for that matter as THE CELEBRITIES OF THE DAY! For the first time in decades I was again proud of hearing my son introduced by our last name. For the past 31 years my son hasn’t done anything wrong…he was dealt a bad hand and has learnt to deal with it in his own way. At fault has been society at-large for their ignorance and more importantly my family and I for nearly giving up on our son. "

Special Olympic Athlete Parent

"Jeff O’brien and Oliver Geddes from my sons Spring Motionball team in June, contacted us this week and took him to a Toronto soccer game at the Exhibition centre. You have absolutely NO idea how very heartwarming that is to us, to have these young men continue to keep in touch with Neil and actually include him in a small part of their social lives. I have been on Cloud 9 all week because of them! They truly embody the HOPE of the Motionball series, its not just about the money, but also about inclusion in other areas of life."

Special Olympic Athlete Parent

"motionball represents several new and exciting fundraising events for Special Olympics Canada, but above all, it provides our movement with a new generation of supporters and friends who will carry the Special Olympics message into the future, ensuring that Special Olympics stays fresh and young and on its toes."

Jim Jordan (Past President, Special Olympics Canada Foundation)

"For me motionball represents the ultimate fundraiser: good for the heart , good for the soul, and good for a really good time. I will never miss it."

Michael Lansberg (TSN Sportscaster)

"Special Olympics is sport in its purest form: athletes demanding the most of themselves for the love of the game. motionball is full of young, energetic leaders showing compassion and support for these mentally challenged athletes. Special Olympics and motionball together are magic you should support."

Michael “Pinball” Clemons (Former, Toronto Argonauts Coach)