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Jay Rosehill- Professional Hockey Player, Toronto Maple Leafs

Boyhood team: Calgary Flames
Biggest fan in the family: My Brother, Ty
Game day ritual: Drink a Redbull right before game time
Who you sit beside in the dressing room: Colton Orr
Knowledge/experience with motionball and events: It’s a great organization that will keep younger generations involved in the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.
Family/friends with intellectual disability: My Cousin Ronnie has Down syndrome
Your reaction to hearing the R-word around the league? You definitely hear guys use it at times. Players use it without even thinking about where the term actually comes from. That being said I have seen a decline in the use of hurtful words such as the R word as players are becoming more aware of these things.
Weirdest or funniest thing to happen in a game: I had to catch a bird in the dressing room with a Gatorade towel once.
If you couldn’t be a professional athlete, what profession would you choose? Maybe be an Auctioneer or do something in the cattle business like my Dad, Brother and Grandpa.
How do you get along with other athletes that live in Toronto? We seem to get along with the Blue Jays really well, I think ball players are similar to hockey players in a lot of ways. It’s hard to find the time to meet other athletes from the city but always nice when we do.



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