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Troy Ford-King Athlete Profile

Nickname: my nickname in special olympics is Tiger.

Role model: My role model is Brian Stemel because he signed my old pair of ski goggles and I told him that this would be my lucky charm when I ski and he said well ok what ever works for you and that has given me the drive to compete harder.

Age during first Special Olympic Games: the age I was when I went to my first provencal games was 17.

Job (if applicable): I do have a job I work at Tim Horton's at Humber College North campus.

Favourite off-field activity/hobby: My favourite off field activity or hobby is I like to play golf relax at the cottage and hang out with friends and make grapevine wreaths.

Game day ritual: game day ritual before I start every sport when I am away I get up really early and hype myself up bye doing a few sprint laps down the hotel or dorm floor just to get my blood flowing and ready for competition I also if I did something that gave me luck the day before I will do the same each and every day that I am away.

Most nervous you have been competing: The most nervous I have ever been competing is a tie because I have two the first happened at my first national winter games in ottawa because I was very nervous going to my first ever national games ski race I did not know how I would perform and I did not want to let myself down. The second was at the 2009 provencal summer games in my 800 metre race I was put up against a really fast athlete and in my mind I was so nervous I would not be able to beat him but in the end they put me in my own category and I won the gold but a coach once said to if your not a little nervous before each competition then your not truly ready.

Worst weather you’ve competed in: the worst weather I have ever competed in in a provencal games was -27 in Thunder Bay for the 2011 provencal winter games it was so cold infract that I was suppose to have three races but two of my races were cancelled because of weather that was to cold so I only got to race in one but one out of three at toughs games.

Something funny that has happened during competition: something funny that has happened to me wile I was in competition was in a fun race at my own hill that I train at and I was going so fast down the race course that I spun out and I was skiing backwards through a race course. Another funny thing that happened to me was I snapped my pole in a training run on a very fast chair lift going to the top of the race hill at my first nationals in Ottawa so I had to borrow my coach’s pole for that race.

Opinion on motionball: In my opinion about Motion ball is that it is one of truly great organisation out there for special olympics because it not only draws more awareness to special olympics it also gives us the athletes the chance to show the corporate group that join the motion ball family that we are athletes just like everyone else yah we may be a little slower than most but we can indeed compete along side everyone else. It also gives us the athletes a chance to hang out with the different cooperate teams and allow us to tell them our story's so they know a little bit about ourselves it also allows us to give them a taste of what special olympics really is all about and you never know maybe we can get them hooked not only to come out two more motion ball events but maybe to even come on board as a new sponsor of special olympics or even being a coach so that is why I think motionball and all of there events are the best ever thanks.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? If I could be any animal I would want to be a horse because I have always loved horses I think they are wild and fast and that is what I want to be well maybe not the wild part but fast in all my sports.

Describe yourself in 3 words: I am loveable funny and energetic



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